Expanding your brand is probably one of the best parts of building you brand. I always loved accessories and handbags. Especially hand making them. They are the perfect dynamic duo. When I design all these pieces I usually go based off of what I would wear not whats currently in style this season, although that does have a slight contribution as well but not entirely. Its nice to be able to have people love what you wear that way it makes it easier to design items. Wearing a simple outfit with a statement piece without looking goofy and PULLING IT OFF is a great trait to have in my book. Statement pieces is what makes the whole outfit. I recently released my new project I also had written down in my handy dandy "to-do" list journal. There's no better way to wear sunglasses than ones that are embellished. Check out "Scarlett" and "Mia" Sunglasses. 

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