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Hi guys! As you can see if you been shopping with me for a while now I revamped my website! I wanted to make sure I can write blog posts and post tutorials of smaller projects I don't sell. Let me introduce myself for starters for those who are new. I am a handbag designer from New York City born and raised. I have my degree in Fashion Design and I am currently still in school getting another degree in Fashion Business Management. I have been sewing since freshman year of high school. My first project was hand sewing a pillow case then stuffing it with super clumpy cotton and t-shirts (such a disaster lol.) I believe for my 15th birthday my mom bought me my first sewing machine which is a Janome Sewist 500. I still use this machine till this day and its been through hell and back with many broken needles in between. But I have to say its the best machine ever. I then purchased my first Serger (Brother) from a lady on Craigslist for $100. It was already used and was a 2010 edition but definitely got the job done. Eventually that broke down. Now I collect Vintage sewing machines on the side. 
Any who, bags are more of my forte and I also love accessories. Call me the "Bag Lady" if you will as thats what most people know me as. I started my brand 2 years ago as of November 11, 2014. If I had one advice to those who wish to start a business as an entrepreneur, let me just say JUST DO IT literally. You don't need a million dollars to start a business selling a craft that you're good at. If you can gain the trust of a couple of people others will follow and purchase your unique items. Start small perfect your items and customer service then continue to build and expand. SAVE EVERY COIN. They all count. Don't let them tell you "you can't" those who say that are point blank HATERS and don't have the confidence to do it themselves. Take that quantum leap and put in every ounce of faith you have in yourself. BE A BOSS CHICK in all aspects of your life. I've worked so many different jobs just to collect an extra $100 to put towards my business but most of them never last. Either I knew I wasn't going to be able to grow there or it was irritating. Nonetheless, they were all great experiences and taught me that designing from my home in my hall way (literally for those who have picked items up from me know Its like a mini sweat factory, pun intended) is what I'm meant to be doing. There isn't a night I regret when I say just past 12am sewing away. I find it very peaceful actually. When you find something you love doing it isn't a job anymore. Make your hobby your career. Its a tragedy not to follow your dreams. 
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