Spring Shoots

Easter is around the corner! Yay, Pastel and more radiant colors. Spring shoots are my favorite. The first shoot I had was back in 2015 with my favorite free lance photographer Rai. (Follow his Instagram) He's an amazing photographer with incredible skills. Fast forward to now our schedules are so hectic I haven't had time to work with him so I've been shooting everything myself. I alternate from my Canon to my iPhone 7 Plus. Most of the time I end up sticking to my iPhone because the quality is just AMAZING. With a little photoshop editing and the perfect natural light my photos end up flawless. Honestly if you're a starter and are editing photos for your online store, a little basic photoshop is all your need. Great natural lighting, ask some friends to model for you and a simple camera or iPhone 7Plus lol. My first model was Kiki and my other model is my long time friend Lisandra. I also love to add bloggers photos to my website. Having those pictures sent to me and given permission to share them with my customers means the world! I don't consider myself to be a stylist so usually when I shoot my items I let the girls freely style themselves. I try to keep things as simple as possible focusing more on the pieces rather than moving the focus away from it .

 In this photo we have the

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