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Vlog 7| Breast Reduction Journey

Vlog 7| Breast Reduction Journey. I feel like I got a lot off my chest *drums* I always said if I were to get some kind of cosmetic surgery done I would be as transparent & open about it as possible. not feeling ready for change is purely growth. A decision I thought about for many years finally happened. When I was younger before puberty i was diagnosed with scoliosis wore a back brace to school sleep and everything in between. Fortunately my spine stopped curving after I was fully developed but my breasts didn’t hence the slight shoulder/ neck and occasional back pain in the morning. At my final & largest size I was a 34 G and I...

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Vlog 7| Part 2 Breast Reduction Journey Update

Vlog 7| PART 2- Breast Reduction Journey Update. An updated vlog about how I have been over the last 3 Months piror to my Breast Reduction Surgery. I am so happy with my results, despite it following an infection after my two week post op visit. Surgery was on March 28th. I went from a 34 G to a 34 (Full) C. Vitimin E Oil is from Trader Joes. Doctor: Robert Grant at the NYP Hospital in NYC

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