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My Youtube Planner Worksheet!

Here is how I have been planning my own Youtube video content! Hope this helps! I wanted this worksheet to be realistic, jot down all your ideas when they come across your mind then prioritize which video would be easier to film depending on your mood for the week & availability of content you can gather.  Click here -> xo

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Mesh it out this summer!

My latest item was all about summer vacation. When I launched Posh Bazaar Swim (Shop here) I knew I couldn't just sell swim suits by their lonely. I decided to spice it up and make it a 3 piece set, since we all know mesh tops and dresses have made a come back. Bright colors make any piece extra spicy. I saw Kim Kardashian wear her mesh pieces in Mexico. (For those who know... I love kim so no slander). Lets be honest usually when kim makes a statement others follow... *Shrugs* I've been thinking about writing DIY Blog Posts and sharing my crafty easy ideas for all those who have an interest in sewing. Or maybe even a youtube channel...

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