My Youtube Planner Worksheet!

Here is how I have been planning my own Youtube video content! Hope this helps! I wanted this worksheet to be realistic, jot down all your ideas when they come across your mind then prioritize which video would be easier to film depending on your mood for the week & availability of content you can gather.  Click here -> xo

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Fabric shopping with me Vlog

Day 2. I'm honestly on a roll with filming. I decided to head downtown and show you all where I like to buy some of my fabrics. There are so many places to go in the garment district so it really depends on what you're looking for.  Here's my new youtube video! Fabric shopping with me Part 1  Here are some other places that I would suggest.  Fabrics: Fabrics for Less 239 West 39th street Diana Fabrics 250 W 39th St #3 Cut Fabrics 270 W 38th St Fabric House 214 A W 39th street  Also Joann Fabrics don't sleep on that store!  Trimming: M&J trimming 1008 6th avenue 37th street & 38th street Daytona Trimming 251 W 39th street

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TIPS for cheap & easy product shots AT HOME

The evolution of product shots. Hey Y'all! I've been wanting to write more posts about my techniques and tips when having a brand as far as product photography. (Later I'll get into more detailed tips about the business side) No one is going to tell you their secrets unless you do some hardcore googling... (annoying right?). No worries I had to figure a lot of it out on my own. AND I'M STILL LEARING. But once I did it's like I discovered slice bread. Sometimes we make the process so much more difficult than what it really is. So here we go! Photos are from 2014- Present Day. I shoot my items with an iPhone 7 PLUS. AMAZING. TIP 1: ...

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