TIPS for cheap & easy product shots AT HOME

The evolution of product shots. Hey Y'all! I've been wanting to write more posts about my techniques and tips when having a brand as far as product photography. (Later I'll get into more detailed tips about the business side) No one is going to tell you their secrets unless you do some hardcore googling... (annoying right?). No worries I had to figure a lot of it out on my own. AND I'M STILL LEARING. But once I did it's like I discovered slice bread. Sometimes we make the process so much more difficult than what it really is. So here we go! Photos are from 2014- Present Day. I shoot my items with an iPhone 7 PLUS. AMAZING.

TIP 1: 

Some of y'all may have been following me for years and from day 1 when I started my brand. Back then I had a SLR camera (Canon G 11) but I enjoyed taking my photos on my phone instead, it was just easier to post & avoid editing. ( iphone 5 I suppose I had back then) Decent quality but I tried to make it work with WHAT I HAD ( that's the key) Don't break your back finding the best camera and what not... Its all about how you EXECUTE your items. 

HAVE A SOLID BACKGROUND ( By this I mean no messes in the background, on the floor, placing it on your lap etc) It doesn't look nice & it sends the wrong message when trying to sell your items) As you can see my lighting was so ugly but I was trying to find a way to fix that. 

TIP 2:

Once I put my huge kitchen window to use where a whole lot of light comes through from. I was on a roll. Then I decided since my background on my website is white I want the background for my product shots to be white as well. 

FOAM POSTER BOARD $1 at the dollar tree. You want to buy the matte one or use the matte side of the poster so that it reflects less & avoids you having to edit out the shadows. I bought 2 of them then taped the edges together creating an L shape. One will reflect the light back onto the bottom board. I like to photograph above the items.

                       (Me in my natural Habitat)

Using my L shaped Poster board photo set up & shooting from above the product so I don't intervene with the light source 

Depending on the day the photos can come out blue if it's a cloudy day for example. If the item your shooting is white I would recommend using a black poster board in stead to set off the contrast. Definitely play around with the light setting on your phone. That yellow square that shows up when you try to focus can be adjusted to make the photo brighter or darker USE IT! 

This is blue it must of been a cloudy day so invest in a light to put in front of your items. I ended up photoshopping this photo using the Dodge tool with an 85% opacity. (You can play around with the tools ) I'm not a pro at Photoshop but I use the basics 

Here is an example of using the dodge tool (See corners top right & left)


Boring photos... A lot of my products shots were taken on white backgrounds. This was fine with me for the past 2 years until I decided I wanted more without causing a distraction. PROPS. Available at the dollar tree or walmart. There are faux decoration flowers all kinds like the ones at your granny's house! I'm a minimalist but I realized when selling a product customers are more prone to buying items if the see how its styled or placed nicely next to a pretty lamp or flowers for example. Only so that there is something else that triggers their eyes & captures their attention when scrolling through IG. You want them to stop and shop not scroll over it. I even went ahead and bought Cardstock in a variety of different colors just incase I wanted a pop of color. The wood board piece was $14 but you can definitely find scrap wood some paint & make it yourself for way less! 

Becca - Sage

Alice Bamboo Handbag

Stroll through the park straw tote



How to keep up a handle... So I just figured this out recently. Some of my items have floppy handles and lying them flat for my photos just wasn't cutting it. Heres how I did it. I have some clear sewing thread from years ago but I'm sure you can find something else that might work, but this worked best for me. I just cut a piece, tied it underneath the handles. holding it up with one hand and shooting with the other. EASY! Completely invisible and not photoshopping strings out was required! 

Finished product! Hopefully these tips somewhat helped for any beginners out there! Happy Selling & Shooting! 



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