Welcome to Curacao

Welcome to Curaçao
There’s two ways you could possibly book this trip.
Either option is a good option and you’ll be able to relax the entire time you’re in Curacao. Once you booked your flight here are a couple of things you can do an see.
(Curaçao sign, located about a 5-7 minute walk in the “downtown” area near Queens Anne bridge Punda Side. You’ll see it near a restaurant with umbrellas and outside seating ) 
Our hotel was about 45 mins away from the airport 10 minutes from Queens Anne bridge so we rented a car. Driving is fairly easy.
If you’re lucky enough to speak multiple languages Curacao natives speak multiple languages. English, Spanish, Dutch, Papiamento
I stayed at the Santa Barbara Golf Resort. It was an amazing experience. Although it isn’t all inclusive there are many restaurants a 10 min drive away by car in the downtown area or at the resort itself, golf carts will drive you to it.
For an all inclusive hotel in the downtown area check out Sunscape
For $108 an adventure booked through bounty adventures to Klein Curacao will get you a full day trip (1.5 hrs away) with lunch buffet style, unlimited alcoholic drinks on the boat, snorkeling, music, and a great staff
Beach bum (Lower west)
Kokomo Beach. Use their swing for pictures
Playa Porto Mari. Pregnant pigs you can pet and take pictures with. Cost: $20 for bed rental and entry
Saint Tropez Ocean Club- Lunch and Dinner right on the coast of the water there's a pool there as well
Perla De Mar
Mambo Beach for nightlife after 11:30pm
You can check out my “Curacao” Instagram highlight for more pictures and live experience.
Access my google doc and take it with you on your travels
Full Vlog on Youtube

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