Welcome to Medellin, Colombia

Welcome to Medellin, Colombia

Once you land in Medellin here are a few things you can do, see, and eat.
From the airport we took a taxi cab called for by an airport employee. They are tiny cars. We were about an hour away to our hotel which was the Holiday Inn. By all means stay at an airbnb if you can. But if you do stay in a hotel find one near Leras Park where the nightlife is. (From the Holiday Inn hotel it was about a 10 min walk.) Totally safe.

Uber: Keep in mind it is illegal in Colombia. However, the laws are so lenient it may not be an issue. When I took uber I felt safe, twice the driver told me that if we were to get pulled over mention that the hotel I was staying at called the car for me.  It is also cheap so I would suggest taking it if you can but also alternate between regular taxis as well to help finance the countries GDP.

The train system was about a 15 minute walk down a huge hill (we took a cab up this hill a few times on our way back home, I must admit. That should explain how steep it is lol)  

Colombia is fairly cheap. I brought $300 with me specifically for places that didn't take cards. For example street vendors. Save your dollars for that and going out for the night. I would recommend using your credit card (assuming you have one for all other expenses)

Things to do:
BOOK A MASSAGE. We scored a full body massage at Viva Spa Poblado for $20... Yes $20. You'll thank me later.

Book a Pablo Escobar tour with an agency for $40. You will meet at a pick up spot drive about 2 hrs near Guatape you will see a small town with shops, walk up the Guatape mountain.

After this you will have lunch at one of Pablo Escobar's homes + tour the house (it is burnt down but still "standing"), then you will take a boat to a lake where you can jump off a cliff, then boat back to a town where there are vendors stores, etc very entertaining, beautiful and this will be where you meet up to go back home.

(keep in mind this may not be the order of activities but it’s an all day adventure. Our tour guide was a young college student his English was amazing and he was very nice.

Get a birds eye of Medellin & take the train to the "Metro Cable". It’s obviously not the most fabulous view you thought you would see but its the cultural experience that means something.

Communa 13 Tour

Eat & Party:
In my opinion the food wasn't anything amazing maybe I had more of an expectation but I didn't starve. The street food, most of it is fried is great. The potato empanadas were my favorite thing in Colombia for less than a dollar.
Go to Leras Park for drinks and bar hop

Have dinner at HATO VIEJO

Mondongo's (loved this place)
and don't forget to DANCE SOME SALSA

 You can check out my “Colombia" Instagram highlight for more pictures and live experience.

Full Vlog on Youtube



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