Welcome to Morocco

Welcome to Marrakech, Morocco
Once you have booked your flight here are some suggestions of places to eat, see, and stay
Morocco is known for their Riad’s.
A riad is a type of traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard
Marrakech is split into two cities. The old city (Medina) and the new city.
We had the pleasure of staying in 2 riads during the course of our 6 day trip.
The first one was called “Riad Wow”. This was a dream. Everything from the smell as soon as you walk through their doors of Orange Blossom, greeted with Moroccan tea  to the colorful furniture aesthetic was welcoming.
Riad Wow is located at the entrance of one of many entrances of the Medina (inside the walls)
“Riad El Faris” was also located in the Medina but more to the north of the city a longer walk to the square and the location was very residential. You can find this Riad on AirBNB. The decor is amazing and the owners are very welcoming
Tour: I highly suggest the tour done through Riad Wow, Pick up is at the hotel and estimate was about $200 for ATV and camel riding through the beginning of the Sahara Desert (no you won't be in the dunes but it’s a nice experience)
We hired a tour guide for a fairly low price in dollars to take us around the square and give us a history lesson. Amazing guy and very informative. He also took us to the argan Oil factory. Make sure to purchase you argan oil there as it is legit.
The Square and shops are short walks from the riads, You’ll probably get lost in all the chaos and beware of the cars in the narrow streets. (go at night as well when all the vendors are out and music is playing).
We found ourselves going around in circles But saw so many beautiful people and vendors.NEGOTIATE NEGOTIATE. Chances are whatever you’re interested in buying the next vendor down a few shops has it as well.
Beware of “fraud” tour guides in the street. We saw mosques twice because we made the mistake of falling in a fraud tour guide trap. Go to the Yves Saint Laurent Museum and his Jardin next door.
BOOK A SPA APPOINTMENT. We didn’t get to try having an hammam experience but it is a must in morocco.
Keep in mind Morocco is an Islamic country. Curate your outfits on the more conservative side. You can still be fashion but respectable. 
Below I had a jean jacket over my jumper but pulled it off for the picture. Totally felt uncomfortable 
Some cab drivers if called from the riad will charge you after your return trip. This is really nice for them to do and make sure to take down their number. It saves your from taking a random cab and it gives your driver more business.
Make sure to drink Moroccan tea
Eat at a cafe near the Square
NOMAD ($$)
Comptoir Darna (highly recommend $$$) Located outside of the medina
Cafe Des epices ($) Fresh Juices and Sandwiches with a nice rooftop
Breakfast and Tajine/Couscous Dinner made at Riad El Faris
You can check out my “Morocco” Instagram highlight for more pictures and live experience.
Access my google doc and take it with you on your travels
Full Vlog on Youtube

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