Where I want my brand to be...

Hey y'all! Theres so many things i've had in mind for "Taylor Tyler" over the past few years & months even. I knew from the beginning I wanted to be able to have a store that held handmade items made by me, wholesale pieces that would be listed under "Posh Bazaar"  and items that have been sourced from thrift stores and flea markets as "Tyler's Closet". The beauty of having a large selection under one brand is that everything is sourced by YOU. When people shop with you its because they like something about what you can sell them. They like your style, service and even fashion advice. 

For the newbies who have a brand or considering to start one... ask yourself 

-If your items are handmade... Does it look up to par? Will it hold up after 30 days of being used? Could this items be sold at and high end department store? WOULD YOU BUY YOUR OWN ITEM?

-For those who have a brand already... Would you expand your brand into other merchandise? Whats your target market? What's your style? Can you handle this being a full time job? If not thats okay, but be passionate about it during the house you are focusing on your brand. Remember the first 5 years mean EVERYTHING

Keep it realistic. 

My goals are to own multiple store fronts, keep expanding, make Taylor Tyler my full time job, grow my following on social media platforms, collaborate more.

How to stay organized: 

-Keep a schedule. Brand work Monday Tuesday Friday as an example. Be consistent.

-Don't wait forever to ship out orders. You know you would hate to wait to weeks for an order to ship unless it was state that it was a pre order or you have plenty of other orders. Take your time but don't take too long. 

-Personally I like to keep receipts that have to do with my business. Anything from fabric purchases, sewing supplies, office supplies etc.

-KNOW YOUR LIMIT. If your items are handmade, don't take more than you can handle. It never works out. 


-Purchase you shipping labels online USPS.com for a discount or if you have shopify use their discount. A few coins make a difference when counting your profit. 

-Buy a few cheap racks from IKEA or even target/walmart to hang your awesome pieces. 

-Definitely invest in a steamer. Not everything can be washed

-Be detailed with your item descriptions. Add sizes, wash instructions, fiber content etc. 

-Be consistent with emails. No one wants to wait 10 days for a response. 

-For free shipping supplies head over to USPS.com this saves on overhead costs rather than purchasing your own envelopes or packaging. Post offices also carry these items but only selected sizes. Online you have a larger variety of sizes to choose from delivered to your front door. 


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