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Hello 2019. 2018 Recap

I think we can all agree 2018 was pretty shitty. I mean honestly, for some the good outweighed the bad for me it was the opposite. I had expected more (pretty high expectations) out of the year instead I received a pile of bricks. Or at least thats how it felt. It could of been worse I know. Anyway heres what I learned and did this year...  "Expectation is the mother of disappointment" so who's really responsible. 

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TIPS for cheap & easy product shots AT HOME

The evolution of product shots. Hey Y'all! I've been wanting to write more posts about my techniques and tips when having a brand as far as product photography. (Later I'll get into more detailed tips about the business side) No one is going to tell you their secrets unless you do some hardcore googling... (annoying right?). No worries I had to figure a lot of it out on my own. AND I'M STILL LEARING. But once I did it's like I discovered slice bread. Sometimes we make the process so much more difficult than what it really is. So here we go! Photos are from 2014- Present Day. I shoot my items with an iPhone 7 PLUS. AMAZING. TIP 1: ...

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Introduction for you all

Hi guys! As you can see if you been shopping with me for a while now I revamped my website! I wanted to make sure I can write blog posts and post tutorials of smaller projects I don't sell. Let me introduce myself for starters for those who are new. I am a handbag designer from New York City born and raised. I have my degree in Fashion Design and I am currently still in school getting another degree in Fashion Business Management. I have been sewing since freshman year of high school. My first project was hand sewing a pillow case then stuffing it with super clumpy cotton and t-shirts (such a disaster lol.) I believe for my 15th...

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