Empyrean Di Perle

Moving to Italy was a huge step for TAYLOR TYLER. I became inspired by my drive, spontaneous attitude, eager to learn more all while staying fragile, loyal, emotional and putting that into my designs. Going harder with my designs, quality, what experience I desire for my clients, incorporating that with my growth over the last 6 years. 

The pearl is my birthstone, they are so beautiful, delicate... The cream color is soft and its iridescent finish reminds me of a dream. Everyday I feel like i'm living a dream. I drool over my life, experiences and the successes of TAYLOR TYLER. Time to take it up a notch.

Thank you to MYPERLITAS for collaborating with TAYLOR TYLER on 'La Victoria' Set

"Made from grit but full of grace"

Empyrean Di Perle : Heaven of Pearls